Ok so im looking into getting a new amp, would say my budget is about £0-£1200 :P, and will buy second hand (ebay or w/e)
Would prefer it to be a combo, and not to fussed about how loud it goes, just as long as it can still sound great quiet!
I play all sorts, from metal (metalica, maiden) prog rock (dream theater) to church stuff (audacious, hillsong) etc etc, do play other styles if i can.
So it would need a lovely clean, and a very nice overdrive, possibly goin up to a very heavy overdrive.
Was look at the Mesa Boogie Mark IV if i could get it second hand. Am not sure how it sounds at low volume though (10-30w), since it would be used at church and at home.
Cheers for your help
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Well...I guess mesa is your best shot.
But...none of the tube amps sound great at low volumes...
the best thing for you would be a 30-50 watt combo...but...idk if Mesa makes any...
Mark IV is a pretty damn good amp.
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They do a few 50w amps i think, f-50? dunno if that is any good though And the lonestar can vary aswell i think, also not sure how it sounds.
The F-50 is a great amp. It's the only Mesa I've ever tried but I really liked it. Good at low volumes too.
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I just looked at the thread above, and it says it is good for metal and has nice clean tone! I am thinking about thatone as a possibility!
The Mark IV can sound decent at low volumes, especially if you use the tweed and class A settings, but once you crank it past a certain point it really comes alive. The only issue is you have to really nudge the volume knob just right so it doesn't spike in volume; it only really knows "soft" and "really loud." I would still recommend it; I've had one for a year and love it.