Any good idea for pickups when playing blues
With a little bit of distortion
I saw someone with emg's is that even good?
Quote by ze monsta
EMGs = not blues

For blues, you don't want distortion, you want overdrive.

Agreed, cant name any sorry but dont get active pickups like emg, the opposite of what you want
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What amp do you have?
Single Coil or Humbuckers?

Look at Bareknuckle or talk to CorduroyEW
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Depends, what would you be putting them in? Are you looking for single coils or humbuckers?

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I think the amp is the first thing you will want to look at. After that there are a lot of options as far as pickups go. I have lindy fralin blues specials on my strat and they sound great. I bought the guitar with those installed. There are a bit pricey at 220$ a set. Other pickups that I have liked are the stock American strat pickups, the rock monkey 62-SG (my favorite), and lace sensors (my guitar teacher has those on a strat he built).

The rock monkeys are my favorite as far as sound goes but i think the lace sensors may be one of the best bang for your buck pickup out there. My tele has SD alnice II pro pickups on it that sound great, however I don't think those would work in a strat.