okay, i dont want to get into bad habits. right now, i play with my arm completely free from resting on the guitar (since after research, i found it to be potentialy better in the long run). when i want to mute, i just gently press my picking hand on where the pickups are (dont know what that areas called, i think its the bridge) so far it works. but i saw a video with john frusciante saying how he mutes the strings with the frettin hand by lifting up the fretting finger up, but not all the way up. i tried it and know exactly what he means. BUT, i feel that if you were to do that, wouldnt it slow you down, since you will always lag due to the finger still on the string? sry if this is hard to understand, but basically whats the best way to mute unwanted strings

this is what im talking about. its what he says at 7:10
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Thats a different kind of mute, its not a palm mute liek your talking about its a string mute.
Just gives the string a dead tone, alot of punk bands use this technique.
but basically whats the best way to mute unwanted strings

Its not a case of which is best, its what sound you want, each have there own possitives.
okay, when i pull off of a string i just picked, i get some extra noise. i can get rid of that noise by pulling off, but not all the way. BUT what if to get that noise out, i pull off and immediately press my palm on it. would it slow me down?
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muting with your fret hand is called string muting, right hand is palm muting.

Not quite; fret hand muting is releasing the strings so the strings are silence, pick hand muting is using the flesh or fingers on your picking hand to silence the strings and of course there's the metalheads favourite: palm muting, damping the strings at the bridge to acheive a different tone.
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Advanced Techniques?

For the absolute beginner - yes :-)