Am I missing something with the Tubescreamer pedal? I tried out a TS9 Turbo after hearing about how they're like the greatest OD pedal, and I wasnt impressed. Maybe I was doing it wrong, but It didnt really give the amp any more gain, just made it overly crunchy to the point where it actually sounded worse when I clicked it on, opposed to just playing straight through to the amp. To be fair, I used a Vintage Modern combo which already doesnt have much gain to begin with, and I didnt get to crank it cause I was at a shop, I had it at bedroom level voume.

Could that have been the problem? I know that an OD pedal just boosts your amp signal a bit, so you wont get high gain out of a mid gain amp at low volumes, but there really wasnt any added gain. I've heard from numerous people that Tubescreamers can do wonders for Metal, which is what I'm looking for. Mainly classic Metal/Hard Rock, in the vein of Rhoads, Van Halen, and most stereotypical 80's shred band tone. All I got from the tubescreamer was overly crunchy, mid gain at most tone that wasnt anything reminscient of the bands I mentioned, and definitly could not be used for a lead tone.

I just had the Tubescreamer on with the gain all the way down, and the level up. Thats what I was told to do, so if thats wrong, then someone please tell me. I didnt get to **** with the settings much because I was in a hurry and they were closing. I'm gonna go back and bring my JCM900 head and see if I can try it out with that hooked up, maybe it'll give me a better idea than with a Vintage Modern.

Sorry about the really long post, but if you got any advice, please tell me.
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I Wanna know what you meant
I Wanna know,
I Wanna know what you meant
If you are going to put the settings like that, you should have good gain on your amp, because like that, you are using it as a booster, but you aren't gonna get metal sounds from just that pedal, you should either try it out with your head, put the gain on and the TS-9, or if you just want a pedal for your sound, you should go with a diff one
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I really like the tone of my JCM900, but I need something to boost it for solos. my amp's got enough gain for rhtym sections, but when I play a solo I want something to boost it. Not neccesarily a ton more gain, just something to distinguish it from the other parts of the song. A little more gain would be nice though haha. It's defintily very important to me that I keep my amps tone though, I just want my amp to have a little more gain when I need it, but still retain it's tone.

What settings would you reccomend for that? Also, do I really have to crank my amp to find out what a tubescreamer can really do? It'll be really hard to do in the store, but if thats the only way I'll be able to hear what the Tubescreamer can really do, then I'll try to find a way.

Was it polemically sent,
I Wanna know what you meant
I Wanna know,
I Wanna know what you meant
It's not going to turn a vintage amp into a metal amp.

Basically I have a medium gain sound going for rhythm and kick in the TS9 with mostly volume and a bit of drive for lead.
the screamer is a gain pedal first. ergo, you're better off getting an eq pedal (I reccomend the MXR 10 band) to sculpt your tone, which sounds like what you want to do. ohterwise, if your amp has low gain, then you should be using the screamer as a gain pedal. or, if you are satisfied with the gain on your amp (which it sounds like you are not satisfied with) use the screamer as more of a lead booster (gain up a little, more level). or you could just have ****ty luck and have a junk pedal. also, i know there are different pedals sold under the 'tubescreamer' name, one is the real deal, and the others are still the tubescreamer, just crappy, 'affordable' versions. it really sound like your problem is this: you aren't satisfied with your gain. here are some sloutions:
A) buy a new, high gain amp
B) turn the gain up, and the level down on the tubescreamer
C) crank that ****
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well, i didn't read the other posts because i spent too long typing, but if you are satisfied with your gain, follow ixellion's advice. a pedal that really cleans up your sound, that i was really impressed with at guitarcenter, is the BBE sonic maximizer, in stom box form.
You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not
Maxon OD808 is the greatest OD pedal IMO. Also, don't use the pedal gain and instead jack up the pedal vol. and keep the disto around 2 or so. You have to use it on top of your drive channel too.
Putting the volume high and the gain low works best with an amp that's already being pushed fairly hard. Try it with more gain and less volume at low practice volume.
Always seems to me that tube screamers work best with a strat and a fender amp. I use my TS9 (got it cheap) to emulate a little power valve saturation (gain 4.5, level 8, tone 1.5) on the clean channel at low volumes. Useful as a solo boost too on drive channel.
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