bad man.
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Santiago S3 Spanish Classical
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Mesa/Boogie F-50 combo w/ G12K-100
Teese RMC Wizard Wah
Rothwell Switchblade
Ibanez FL-9
Visual Sound Liquid Chorus V2
Haha, nice burn.

So's this, *reported*
Call me Callum

Current gear - 06 MIM Strat, '02 Epiphone Les Paul, Peavey Rockingham, Tanglewood TF8, BLACKSTAR★ HT-5 Combo, EHX Holy Grail, Boss DS-1, Arion SFL-1

Newcastle (and Port Vale)
can i have it? or am i going to have to jump you for it
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
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Haha, nice burn.

So's this, *reported*

lol i thought you said nice bum!
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Nice bum >.> <.<