My picking hand is so god damn undisciplined!!! Ive' never realised it before! I can't pick a fast passage to save my life. I rely waaaaay to much on my legato and other techniques. I mean sure I can tremolo pick...but in time? Probably not. I'm off out to buy a metronome and soon it'll be sorted...even if it means revamping my technique.

Anyone else ever realised something like this? Some flaw in their playing which has been holding them back all this time?

I don't ever start my picking during fast passages with an upstroke.

Nor do I do triplets starting with an upstroke

Sounds like it aint much but it slows me down quite a bit and makes me work my hand more.
lol man i just had the same thing. but i can can pick fast, just mess up to much. im pro at runs tho.
I realized this recently. That I constantly throw legato in stuff that shouldn't have it, and I'm now seeing the effects.
I outright can't pick on a bass guitar to save my life. It's those thick plectrums.. I couldn't use them on guitars and I can't use them on bass.
Yep I have a problem with overusing legato as well. Anytime I notice it I'll stay disciplined and pick properly, but it never lasts... I always go right back to it as soon as I stop consciously addressing it.
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It's not as big of a deal as you're making it, one of those things that come in time. Just work on it, picking is harder then fretting imo.
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lol man i just had the same thing. but i can can pick fast, just mess up to much. im pro at runs tho.

If you mess up then you can't pick fast, simple as.

That's like saying "I can drive fast, I just crash everytime I come to a corner"
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