Has this happened to any of you? You just have many other things going on in life and just can't play, they started for me months ago and i haven't been playing like at all. Now that the summer is coming along I think i will start playing more. But to save me from feeling completly worthless, has this happened to any of you?

lol btw, my friend "has lost all hope in me"

PS: sorry if this thread seems kinda random
Yhea it happens, School and life gets in the way lol. I also get days were I pick up the axe just look at it and go "Blah". Lol.
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you're not alone on this one
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No, I always find time to play the guitar, it's not like I don't have time

It's just sometimes I pick it up and I just don't feel like playing it. Then 20 minutes later I pick it up and have a 2 hour shred session

Just depends on the mood.
it happens...i laid my axe down for two years picked it back up last year. Just like riding a bike