Just this past week in my health class we were assigned a group project. My groups topic is food posioning (natural). My group is made up of three people and we are planning on filming a video. So far our idea is to have me playing a basketball game against one of my friends and me end up losing. We would then go inside for some food and I would not cook the food all the way cuasing my friend to be posioned. Then at the end we would have some facts or stats or whatever......The reason im even here talking about this is if i could find some better ideas?


EDIT: btw, it just started raining a bit, but not to the point where i can not film outside...
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uncooked food is uncooked.

I don't understand the whole basketball thing...why? So you can get revenge for losing MuhauhauHA!

Go to guitar center and record yourself playing the smoke on the water intro then go back home, when you arrive home you have food poisoning. GC+smoke on the water=food poisoning.
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GC+smoke on the water=food poisoning.

+1. it also = me yelling at the fags who do that and arent just messin around