Okay right I just finished all the lyrics for 1 of my songs called Bomb Shells
I think the chorus is a lil shaky but the verses are good so let me know what you think.

Verse 1
He's been hit with a shell,
He can pull through this,
He's living in hell,
Please don't do this,
His heart rate just took a dive,
those machines are the only thing keepin him alive,
so please,
just let his spirit be free,
don't you die on me,

Bomb Shells,
Monstrous explosion,
Bomb Shells,
Whole earth's corrodin',
Bomb Shells,
The shy is fallin down,
Bomb Shells
Destruction of a town

Verse 2
The man's grave is already dug,
So now it's time to pull the plug,
No! please! I'm begging of you,
Soldier enough now let me through,
You have no right,
No right to pla god,
I think its time you returned to your squad,
Not while my comrades here,
Dont you see that his death is near?


His Strength is weakening,
How much more can we fight,
His soul is weakening,
Go now into the light!


So thats the song. It's basically about a soldier arguing with a doctor to save his friends life even though his friend is brain dead due to injured in a war. The bridge and chorus are sung and the verses are rapped when it's the doctor talking and sung when its the soldier. Of course they are both rapped and sung by our lead singer. Ya so let me know what you think of it thanx.
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