i am looking to get a distortion Pedal, I play mostly Thrash Metal, and Metal, i use a Vox ad100vt and a Washburn DD-60, I do own a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone , but it sucks, it sounds like crap with my amp, so i am looking for a new one.....i was thinking about a DigiTech Death Metal Distortion Pedal, or Grunge pedal, or A Metal Master? witch one would be best for my AMP, or anyothers pedals that might be what i am looking for ?
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You should try playing with your amps settings more, distortion pedals and Vox AD amps don't play well together.


I had a vox Ad50Vt and every pedal I tried sounded terrible on it.
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+1 on the vox ad+pedal thing. but anyways a boss ml-2(metalcore) will suit your needs. i tried it today, and its awesome.