Ok so i have 5 pedals.
Boss dd6
Boss tu2
Boss rc2
Dunlop dimebag wah

And i just got a line 6 dl4 in the post.

I have a 9v 1.33A power supply. So this is not enough to power the pedals. So i looked at the Dunlop DC-Brick.....but that's not enough enough to run the line 6 on it's own!

So how do ye power your pedals?!

Also even if i did find a power supply with high enough Amps would i be able to run them all thogether?...what about the polarity?
How much power does the Line 6 consume?
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I swear the DC Brick is more than enough, and can power lots of pedals. I think you're confused on what gives the power to the pedals (I swear it's voltage).

Batteries is how I'm playing it at the minute, but soon i'll go to external power supplies once I get more pedals, to keep things cheaper.
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You might be better off powering the DL 4 with it's own power supply. Even though it might be a pain, it seems like your best option.
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I currently use 2 visual sound onespots, they are better (and a lot cheaper) than the power brick, which is noisy as hell.
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