Okay, so when my band is in our practise room practising, (duh) we really can't hear ourselves. All we hear is a wall of noise. In other rooms of the house, You can clearly distinguish each instrument, but from our perspective, it's almost impossible to gage how well we are each playing.

Does anyone know a way for us to hear ourselves better or mess with the acoustics of the room?

Turn down the amps and monitors!

Actually, try using earmufflers, they makes it easier to distinguish sounds
You need to be turned up a certain way to be able to hear over the drums!

Umm dunno if there's much you can do if it's just like a small room in your house, maybe turn down a bit, get the whole band jamming and get the sound levels right, like 'just turn the bass up a bit and that guitar down'

Plus it depends on which way the amps are facing and where you are in relation to them