I want to write two fairly short songs, anthems of a sort. One is the anthem of an oppressive, militaristic regime and one is the anthem of the oppressed. The first one I want to be slightly dissonant, dark and powerful, similar to a march, maybe, with the second one fairly joyous and spirit lifting. Does anybody know what sort of scales would fit well into these two moods, and which key would be best? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Not necessarily. There's no inherent emotion in music; you can use any scale/key and it'll work, it's just your phrasing as well as the notes out of the specific scales that you choose to use.
for the first one use harmonic minor and emphasize the 6 - 7 step relationship with its augmented second, maybe throw in some tritones or even augmented chords for a good meassure of dissonance, also maybe add a few phrygian and locrian modulations, that should do it.
for the second one just use pure major, melodic minor, and some lydian and mixo stuff, hope that helps
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