Okay.. I had a thread like this before but I haven't made up my mind..

not sure which to get...

alot of real popular artists use the whammy, I'm just not sure if the shifter will be as good at the actual pitch shifting as the whammy pedal, even with the roland expression pedal..

but then again the harmonization on the shifter is better..
so will the dry note and harmonized one distort together if not playing on a clean channel? or will they both be clear together?
and does the harmonizing make it sound flat? or does like the normal dry note sound the same and the harmonized note just adds with it?
does it change the tone much?

and what's the whammy pedals harmonizing like?
is it ok for a good amount of songs with harmonized parts?

and for both pedals what is the bypass like.. and how bad do each of them eat your tone up?
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The whammy harmonising sounds slightly harsh and sometimes a little off in pitch. Its not that great. If you'd rather have a good harmonising function than pitch shifting, then go for the Boss.
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doesn't look that great.

Give it a try. I think i can be used with a pedal so that you can get the whammy and more. Joe satriani uses one of these.
actually I've seen several live videos and Joe always uses the digitech.

and the pog looks just like a basic octave pedal, which isn't all I want.
the super shifter has several other features like harmonize, de-tune, flutter, trem-arm.. along with the shifting.

but actually what I'd really like to know is if the dry signal and harmonized signal distorts if not playing on a clean channel, or if both notes are clear and sound like 2 together..
cuz i hardly ever play on my clean channel, I prefer amp distortion over a stompbox anyday..

i got this question for both pedals
The 3rd guitarist in my band has a Super Shifter, and I think the pitch shifting is good enough (even with out the expression pedal) to compete with the Whammy, not to mention the harmonization works far better. It sounds nice with distortion and it doesn't suck your tone all that much either.


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so yeah, are you saying that if you play on a normal channel rather then a clean channel the 2 notes wont distort?.. like with a delay pedal and such.
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so yeah, are you saying that if you play on a normal channel rather then a clean channel the 2 notes wont distort?.. like with a delay pedal and such.

What exactly do you mean? I don't really understand what the question is.
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if the notes distort..

example play an E 5th.

it distorts because your playing multiple notes so will it sound like that or will it be more of a sound of 2 clean notes like if you were acoustic.

like if you play an E, will the harmonized note distort with it if you're not on a clean channel?
or will both the dry and wet signals be clear on a dirty channel.
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you can harmonize chords on the POG, itll sound **** on the whammy.

if youre going to do all the rage business, i'd try the boss with the exp pedal, it tracks chords better than the whammy apparently
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