So I've been playing guitar for a little under a month, and have just bought an Epiphone Goth SG as my first guitar

Now I just need pointed in the right direction. What should I start to learn now? I've been working on the Chords and have learned Smoke on the Water and some simple intros to other songs, but wheres the best place to start?

Any links would be great!

And thanks.
what i did was i learned smoke on the water and some intros like you did, and then i learned chords. i learned A C B E G F and a couple others that i forget. after i could switch between them quickly, i moved onto harder stuff. faster stuff, scales, etc. Hope that helps!!!
find a song that you like and isnt too hard to play then get on here and look up the tab. It may take you a while but u will get good in no time. Practice everyday as much as you can...and dont start out with anything too hard. I started out by learning One by Metallica, that wasnt a good choice. So why dont you try some nirvana to start with if that is the kind of music you play

Good Luck!
Thanks spoing.

Altoid I do like that kind of music, so I'll check it out. Thanks for the help so far
Know what totally trips me out? The fact that 30 years ago, Smoke on the Water was the first song I learned on guitar too. That and Iron Man by Sabbath. So here I am at 45, and seeing kids starting out PLAYING THE SAME SONG!!! It's truely amazing.
Oh, and here's a nice link for you to go check out. There's some very good vids of a lot of different basic stuff for you to try out. There's also some not so basic stuff there as well. Have fun!

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I was going to say, if you want to learn things for free over the internet, go to www.justinguitar.com . If you want to spend a little money, buy a few begining guitar books like the Hal Leonard, For Dummies and Mel Bay.
Justinguitar is a good place to start.

Work on your open chords. Learn the names, memorize. That should keep you busy.