I've heard so many different things, some even from some esteemed "guitar techs", about Ohms on amplifiers and cabs and to put it plain and simple, it's all confused the hell out of me.

I have a Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce, which has two outputs for 4 Ohms, and two outputs for 8 Ohms. I have a Carvin V3 cab, which can be run in 16 Ohms Mono, or 8 Ohms stereo. How would I go about hooking this up?

I had the cab running as 8 Ohms Stereo and was running a cable from both 4 Ohms outputs into both inputs on the cab, but a guitar tech told me this wasn't right. I assumed that when you plugged two cables into the 4 Ohms output on the back of the amp, it dropped it down to 8 Ohms.

I just want to be able to hook all my stuff up the way it's supposed to be hooked up, and I'm looking for a little clarity on the ohmage. I also want to be able to run my amp at full power, because I had also heard that when you're 100 watt head is running at 16 Ohms, you're only getting about 75 watts. I know 100 watts is rediculous and overkill, but I'm just a freak like that I guess. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
Your amp seems to offer two options, running two 4 ohm outputs, or running two 8 ohm outputs. The way Mesa sets up most of their amps, is that those outputs must see a total of X ohm impedance.

So, for example, with the two 4 ohm outputs... what it means is, with things plugged into those jacks, the total impedance of those plugs together should be 4 ohms (it seems Mesa wires the jacks together in parallel). In order to satisfy this, you must run an 8 ohm load into each of the 4 ohm jacks. This "concept" is verified in Mesa brochures... page 28:

For your amp and cab... you should be able to hook it up as follows: hook two cables into your amps stereo outputs (8 ohms). Put one cable into your amps "4 ohm" output. Put the other cab cable into your other "4 ohm" output. This should mean that your amp sees 8 ohms from each cab input... which when connected into the amp's 4 ohm outputs, should result in an overall 4 ohm impedance. Note, I am pretty certain, but I could be wrong... I haven't worked with cabs in stereo in quite awhile.