A subject I rarely see. I've been playing about a year and I find it impossible to play guitar whilst singing whether it be rhythm or lead. Is this something that will just develop over time or something that you either can or can't do?

If the former, could anyone offer advice to make keeping rhythm whilst singing easier?

My singing is pretty bad but it's just something I'd want to do for ****s and giggles really.

P.S. And to anyone who sings and plays well now, did they suck after a year of playing guitar?
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The first song i learnt to play whilst singing was Green days boulevard of broken dreams, nice and easy. Tbh i havnt practiced much beyond there, how people sing and play complicated lead lines is beyond me!
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Go to your staff paper and re-write this song a half step down so on the paper it'll be like you have a "C" just move it down to a "B#"

Know your theory, then play like you don't.

For chords you just need to be able to play them without thinking about it or be able to sing the song without thinking about. Just practise doing either (probably the chords) till it is really imprinted into your brain.

For comlicated lead lines it is a little more tricky as you could be playing a different rythm to the rythm you are singing, but again you just have to know one (probably the lead line) really well so you can play it without thinking. This is hard but it's not impossible and it's a bit like playing piano with different rythms in each hand.

have you thought about it the other way round?
learn a song and how the chords go, then sing at your own speed...
off beat or on beat, its better to make your singing in time with your playing..

if that makes sence
I just used to play the song and go over the words in my head. Practise makes perfect i still struggle with some rhythms
Start with some songs that generally have the vocals and guitar chords starting on the same beat.

a lot of Beatles songs like
-Black Bird
-Here There and Everywhere
-Back in The USSR
-Yellow Submarine

are great for this

also, learn to play the vocals on guitar is extremely helpful too, 'cause then you can sing the chords like "Aminor! aye aye aye min ORRR", while your playing vocals on guitar
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