Hello fellow ug's

I am just about to finish my pedal board and start my pedal board suitcase project.

I currently have

-Dunlop hendrix sig wah
-Boss fz-5 fuzz
- digitech rp-200a (yes I know why have a multieffects pedal in a pedal board, well I only use the whammy features on it sooo... yeah i dont feel liek buying the whammy pedal for 200 just to replace something that does the same thing)
-mxr phase 90
-boss equalizer

any suggestions lol
Well you probably don't want to hear this but I'd suggest looking at upgrading your amp before adding anymore pedals.
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Styles of music? Favorite bands?
We can't suggest anything if we don't know anything...

or I could suggest you buy an envelope filter
thought of any delay pedals? or maybe an octave overdrive?
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Yeah I knew someone would mention the amp... new amp is not what im looking for sorry.

Im still new to guitar, but I like to play currently...rage against the machine, zeppelin, (trying hendrix), and audioslave.

And im not just looking for pedal to play covers (though that is a part)

I am more into buying one for more creative playing and messing around/ jamming with friends.
If you see amps as being huge-ass pedals which make sounds and stuff, get one.
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You can never go wrong with a delay delay delay delay pedal.
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sum srt of compression

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Definitely a Delay...

Or replace the RP200 with an actual whammy... it doesn't really do "the same thing"....it just tries...
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Ok the delay is sound good but which one is best im loooking for price (canadian and quality)

any suggestion's
Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man Delay with Hazarai........ bit pricey but amazing pedal nonetheless
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Or replace the RP200 with an actual whammy... it doesn't really do "the same thing"....it just tries...

Rp200 =/= whammy
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univibe, or a MXR Blue Box. thts a sickly pedal. its a double bass octave, with fuzz.
or a MXR tremolo. its StErEo sTeReO!!!
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It's very neat, but mabye not the best pedal for your rig.

what would you suggest then