There is this song I had that came on a cd entitled "Heat.net". It was a cd containing demos of some segasoft games as well as software for online gaming.... not to mention some songs I really liked but have been entirely unable to find again.

The one I want in particular is a catchy little punk rock song.... reminds me of green day in a way. I think either the title of the song or the name of the band was "silverjet".

I know it's played something like this:


I even remember some of the lyrics:

I met a girl in a club last night
must have been the queen of some scene
I get the feeling that i'm not her type, no
what's it take to get a girl that clean

she must have been some kind of indie rock star
and I could spend my life savings on a drink

(chants) yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Chorus (I think):
be the king of the whole damn scene ya'know
just me and my indie rock queen, oh yeah
I wanna give my love to her

Anyways, could somebody PLEASE tell me what this song is and where to get it... i've tried everything. Lyric searches, searches by artist/song.... you name it!
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google the lyrics that you know...something should come up.
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