So as the title said, I am interested in your thoughts about the Yamaha FG700S. I'm gonna be getting my first acoustic guitar soon and have a very limited knowledge about them. I have been playing a for a 7-8 months now and am wondering if it would be a good buy for my first acoustic guitar. I have heard nothing but praise about this guitar, but I wanna make sure. Thanks!
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i have a 720s and i love it. its a decent guitar for its price. i recommend it.

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It's a great guitar, very solid and plays very nice, even without regards to it's cheap price. The fact that it's only $200 makes it an even better deal.
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it's a good beginner guitar at a great price.

Fantastic beginner guitar. If you're getting your first acoustic, get it.
i havent tried one, but at the same time i dont think i've read one bad review on it. i decided to get the FG730 instead but atm its out of stock