oh ok
Whose your daddy?
-Im your daddy

thanks goodbye

A recent study shows that 92% of all teens have moved on to rap music. Put this in your profile if you are one of the 8% who stayed with the real music.
You got a little offbeat, but it wasn't bad. I was a little creeped out that we look almost EXACTLY the same though.
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Give me your guitar. As for the solo, not bad attempt I guess. Like others said, timing wasn't steady and would sound a lot better sped up.
"In peaceful sedation I lay half awake, and all of the panic inside starts to fade. Hopelessly drifting, bathing in
Needs to be smoother, and the timing has to be better.
Other than that, it's good, just not anything special.

I would have liked to see it longer, it's not really a "solo", so to speak.
It's more like a random lick or maybe to use at the end of a chorus or something. But, not a main solo.
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After watching that video... I bet you like Kirk Hammet don't you?

It wasn't bad... pretty good, actually.
I liked it; you kind of lost the beat though.

you got a nice pick hand.