Hello, ive made a couple threads before but i recently aquired more money so yeah. Id want tones around A Wilhlem scream,Dying in arms - Trivium intro etc.

Price range - Around $300 But id rather pay under

Guitar - Ibanez rg370dx

Pedals- digitech rp150, EHX metal muff

id prefer a SS, I practice alone and with a band occasionally, also what are your thoughts on the Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60DFX Guitar Combo Amp because its on sale for $200. I was also looking at a Peavey Bandit
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Hughes&Kettner are renowned for making quality equipment. Its difficult to find anything that beats it, at least in some areas. But otherwise, I would suggest the VOXAD30VT. Its the only amp I have used extensively and it has only ever let me down once in three years. It has a range of different quality sounds, from ultra death metal gain, to crunchy clean to gritty distortion. And it has some niffty built in effects that sound remarkably like their originals. And its in your price range. Have a look at it.