Yeah I hate to start a new amp thread, but I'm afraid it has to be done.

My budget is like 400-600 maybe, and I'm pretty much open to both SS and tube. I can see that popular choices are PV Valveking, Vox Valvetronix, and some Marshall amps. But I'm not sure if those produce the sound I'm looking for. The sound I'm talking about is this crisp distortion that you hear in a lot of popular rock bands, AFI, The Used, MCR, and something I also like is Thursday, they have a 'dirtier' version of it... Here are a couple of songs to show what I mean:

AFI - Miss Murder
The Used - Paralyzed

I know you guys probably hate these bands, but could you bear with me and give me some pointers as how to get that tone? Is this the kinda sound a Mesa Boogie will give ya?

Is the Line 6 Flextone III maybe a good idea for this? From what I understand that amp can create some good tones, and I kinda intend to play some 'dirty' indy as well, in the vein of Thursday or Mewithoutyou, so a little flexibility would be nice :/
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Flextone isnt a bad idea, i dont think you would want to go Mesa.
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i find the zack wilde overdrive pedal from mxr, coupled with tube amp overdrive gets me rather close to sing the sorrow afi (dial the tone on my guitar down to 5) with the gain a bit above medium and the tone slightly lower then the gain (my amp is a vox AC15-probably too low gain for you without a boost though).

EDIT: just remembered, I think B-52 makes an amplifier in your price range that would get you pretty close to the sound you want.
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did you try google image for live pics? it looks like the used has an orange, AFI mesa maybe?, mcr has custom artwork stuff which is probably something like mesa, and thursday i think uses marshal. hopefully this will get you pointed in the right direction. I figure $400-$600 is probably an overstatement as thats what people do so they don't sound as cheap. Or atleast I bet you are looking more towards $400. And thats not a bad thing. Don't be afraid to get a solid state. Don't think you HAVE to have a tube amp. Solid states these days are very nice, cost effective, and also very reliable (no chance of dead tubes). What amp do you currently have or will this be your first?
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MCR uses Marshall I believe, or at least they did when I saw them (went to the concert for MSI)
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Heh, well I say 400-600 because I'm Faroese, and the currency and all... The most I can afford to spend here, will probably be the equivalent of $500.

This will be my first amp. I've ordered myself my first electric, a Hagstrom Ultra Swede, and I'm kinda hoping to get a decent amp. Not one that's only good for practice in your room :/
And no I didn't really google for pics, though I remember reading somewhere that both AFI and Thursday use Mesa Boogie, but obviously that kinda stuff is a bit out of my range, so I was hoping you guys knew a cheaper option for a similar tone, even if it won't be the same exact quality...

It just seems to me that most people here are looking for a metal amp, or a blues amp. And the problem is, I can't really try out amps so well, because I don't know how to manipulate them to make certain sounds, and the default distortion channel is usually this really ugly super distorted sound... Whereas Jade of AFI has more of a crunchy clean distortion.

Anyways, thanks for the help so far