First off, I do realize this isn't the correct forum to post this but i need a quick answer and I will delete this message right away after i get it. I have a mackie onyx satellite. It's a two channel interface, now heres the problem, i have the mic in channel one and im recording an acoustic guitar, when i play it back all the sound is on the left side of my headphones, so im guessing that channel one only puts stuff on on your left side...so i tried channel two and it only put sound on the right. is there anyway i can get just a full stereo sound? if not thats kind of gay. reason im asking is cause i wanna record vox and guitar at the same time for a live video type thing and the sound only is produced on one side..thanks for the help.
haha, it's not that hard to understand
channel one = sound on left speaker
channel two = sound on right speaker
i want:
channel one = sound on both speakers
in your recording stuff, set the input to the left side, instead of sterio sound
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do you actually know how to use everything on your mixer?

obviously not.