Are these pretty good pickups for punk/hardcore? And what are some other good pickups for that style? They would be getting put in an SG through a Crate Blue Voodoo Head and Mesa Cabinet.
You do know about the active pickups requiring routing work in the body to accompany the battery? They will suit anything, thats what I here anyway. They are obviously best at heavy metal but I'm sure they will work very well with hardcore. If you want the classic punk sounds though, Gibson pickups are a shine. A tone of greats used them. But I do know of a few hardcore guys who use active EMG's, which are essentially the same as the Blackouts.
Which Gibsons? I've heard some people say the P.A.F.'s are good, but I've never got the chance to play them.
Ah mate, there's so many Gibson pickups out there I wouldn't know where to start! Take a look at www.thomann.de for Gibson pickups and see if you can catch a review of them somewhere, they'll be hard to find though mind you. It could help narrow down your search. Sorry I couldn't be of much more help.
Why does everyone think you have to route your body for actives..? I got them in my Ibanez RG which is pretty thin no problem, and so have thousands of other people.
Serious!? I'm taking my tutor out of my telephone numbers! Moon inlays... I can understand sun inlays but moon... there so dark... ahhhh I'm tired. Where did you put the battery's? Underneath the switch and volume pots?
I love my Blackouts, and they're much more versatile than what people give active pickups credit for, I can get some lovely cleans and they do a nice crunch, and of course they're excellent for high gain stuff too.

People always really exaggerate the need for routing your guitar to fit the battery too, I've got one in my Ibanez S Series, which is REALLY thin. You won't really have much trouble unless you own a Steinberger Although EVH has one with EMGs in it.

Anyway, at the end of the day it's up to you what you prefer for your tone, so if possible go to a store and try a bunch of guitars with different pickups and see what grabs your fancy!
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Threadstarter, what bands do you want to sound similar to? I can help you pick out a set that isn't going to be as obesely expensive as Gibson....or even better sounding than Gibson.

I'm looking for more of a strike anywhere or a gallows type tone.
It just really lacks the "it" factor. It sounds good, it just doesnt have the real "punk" sound. I've got the Bass set at 2 o clock, Mids at a little past 12 , and Treble at 1.
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It just really lacks the "it" factor. It sounds good, it just doesnt have the real "punk" sound. I've got the Bass set at 2 o clock, Mids at a little past 12 , and Treble at 1.

For punk, you'll want to have more Treble and less Bass and Mid, but more Mid than your bass, so it could simply be your EQ'ing that is "lacking" in your tone from your personal experience. Try upping the Treble, turning the Bass to about 10 o'clock, and the Mids at 11 o'clock.
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For the record, you do not NEED to do routing work. Only if you have a VERY thin guitar.
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