Anyone here listen to this band?

They are a neoclassical/visual kei/metal band from Japan. So yes, lyrics are Japanese, and they do put a lot of work into all aesthetic aspects of their band. It was formed to be an artistic expression both musically and visually. One of the best metal bands I'v heared in a long time.

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They're alright. Pretty much known for their guitarist, Hizaki, who can cross dress better than no other.

this is a man, aged 29.

Youtube covers

That band looks like something straight out of a Final Fantasy Video Game.
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They got some pretty good stuff. Can't wait for the album in July.
im ****n scared
that is not a man

But the music, good. Except whenever i hear the vocalist i think of dragonball z, pokemon and all asian shows like that.
Anyone going to see them at A-Kon 19 in Texas or the Knitting Factory in California? If gas wasnt so expensive I would drive the 1400 miles there, 2800 miles total....for 30 mpg thats around $330 in gas then $35 to get in..hmmm, if I brought two people to split driving and gas this might acctually work....
i ****in love the versailles. they kinda brought back that old victorian style. i love it when a man dresses like a woman. **** u homophobes t(>.<t)
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I heard them a couple of times before. I wasn't sure whether I liked it.

I'm still not sure.

They're strange...
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