to have quite a bit of difficulty playing along with a backtrack or to the actual song, while I seem to be able to play the song perfectly fine without playing along with anything (even if it's off tempo by a little bit).

I'm talking about Since I've been loving you by led zeppelin....

I don't know if it's just me or maybe its the song type and how the guitar doesn't have much beat to it.
Yep, it's hard at first. Your brain focuses on the backing tracking and trying to allign the guitar up when you don't need to focus at all if you have got the song down. Just practice it.
Yes, completely normal. But once you practice enough and can play on timing, you'll enjoy it much more than playing solo.
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I tried this once the other day with earphones. Its surprising how much harder it is. Plus you don't realize that you made up parts to songs that were never there or got the timing wrong until you try to play them with the original track. I guess more practice is in order
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