Well im really into the LP types but I don't know which LP should I get. For now I just got a Ibanez Jumpstart pack and I been playing for almost a year. I'm also plannig to get this amp
My price range is 500-700$ max and was wondering what's a good brand as a good LP.

Sorry, if i got some english mistakes.
I played a Legacy guitar recently, nice feel, EMG non active humbuckers, sounded good. May be worth checking out if you can.
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ESP LTD EC 500. i am, the esp ltd ec 500 master. 650, emg 81/60, lp style. fast neck. 24 frets.

Here's what I'd do.

Find a used one of these on ebay, craigslist, etc.

And for the guitar, one of these:

For the amp, you also might want to consider getting a Blackheart Little Giant and a few pedals (EQ, OD, etc.), as well.
K thanks for the advice but I was just wondering if agile is a good brand of guitar?
And i can't find the amp in ebay.
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For the guitar, I'd personally go for the Epiphone Custom LP or Prophecy. If you plan to spend more on the amp, Standard or Standard Plus would be good too. You could also check out some Agiles.
Wait, no Epi is "great" (except for the Elitists maybe). They're just ok. But a good choice for a LP-shape they are, unless you play metal, then a Ltd 400+ series would be better.
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