Oh, man, they kill me.

I'm congested like hell.

And my eyes start to itch like crazy.

It's like I'm on fire. Well, that would be more pleasant.

Who feels my pain? D:
Me, I hate it...
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i basically have year round allergies. i have to take zyrtec every day, otherwise i get a stuffy nose, sore throat from drainage, and sick stomach from the drainage.
Who the hell calls it seasonal allergies ?

(I'm guessing Americans do. Over here, it's just called hayfever. And I have it... it's not fun)
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It's called claritin my friend.

And then some nyquil and robitussin for ****s n giggles.
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Oh, man, they kill me.

I'm congested like hell.

And my eyes start to itch like crazy.

It's like I'm on fire. Well, that would be more pleasant.

Who feels my pain? D:

This about sums it up.
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im usually pretty bad but for some reason I don't have it this year.... yet. I find it weird cuz the some of my family and friends have it and i don't
Hayfever is fucking bull****, I hate it.

Just when the nice weather and sexy girlies come out, youre stuck with a face looking like a mashed pink potato.
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Wanted to post something about horrible allergies but searched and found this. It's recent enough to bring back!

Anyways I have the WORST ALLERGIES EVER right now. My nose is constantly running, my mouth feels constantly sore and dry and feels like I'm losing my voice, coughing so much. And I felt a bump behind my left ear kinda and narrowed it down to a swollen gland and looked it up and it's caused by allergies.
It happens to me every time we get into Winter, and every time I get into Summer.
I didn't think that it's an allergy .

I do. I get horrible eye itching redness and pain, and alot of sneezing, but no congestion. its weird
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I do too. Red eyes, sinus pain.
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i got hit REAL hard with allergies when i moved to BC. but they don't seem to be affecting me this year.. so thank the Gods for that.

the worst year was when i was unable to open my eyes due to the feeling of flames in my eyes while trying to walk home. my wife had to walk my like a crippled old man.

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i have seasonal both indoor and out door year round..

and it sucks..
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Hayfever = epic, epic fail...

I find that chewing gum (Airwaves preferably) does the trick. It stops the sniffling anyway.

I went and got some super-strength medication from the doc's though, so that should sort me out.
I do, but I've pretty much eliminated them with medication...
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Damn you hayfever!

I take medication to get rid of it this time of year, but it still pisses me off.


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I get hayfever...its mostly sinus pain. Christ its ****ing annoying.
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I get hayfever but it's not as bad this year. Don't you just hate it when your in an exam or something and there is people sniffing constantly? But it's usually me annoying everyone so I guess I should forgive...