Hey I just started up skateboarding again(now that the weather is nice) and I am comin so close to landing a kickflip, I always land with one foot on it, that happens with alot of my tricks I try actually, any tips?
Don't be afraid. Commit and drop that second foot. you can do it fine now, you're just afraid to fall and you don't know it.
try to hover above the board.

i know its common sense.. but u really just gotta practice keeping both feet up as it flips.

instead of putting one foot down early.

thats what most people to, is they put one down before its done flipping.

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dang, lets see. i used to have this problem when i skateboarded a couple or 3 years ago. just keep trying to land it, maybe jump higher when you do it. it's basically all mental when something like that is happening
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Basically, you're not commiting enough. Remember when you first started ollies and you always seemed to land with one foot on one off? Just commit more.
Make sure to pop it for all you're worth, and get your front foot 'flick' right. If you're flicking wrong, it'll cause the board to torpedo away. Gotta flick it fast but not too hard, and stay over it.

Landing that first kickflip feels amazing. Don't ever quit.
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that happened to me too when i first started learning, just make sure to keep your weight over the board, and like the others said to commit, you'll get there eventually, it took me awhile
keep your front foot around the area of your bottom right piece of hardware and make sure your pooping and flicking directly to were the concave is at the same time, then just pick both feet up, watch it rotate, and commit
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Thanks guys, next time i skate(which will be monday or tuesday, ****in New England weather and it's rain) i will totally take in all your tips and try to nail it, peace and skate niggaz


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That's what I love about skateboarding man, how chill everyone is(excluding his case) and no one makes fun of you and everyone tries to help and encourage you.
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