so im planning on playing a lot of guitar this summer, how much improvement could someone make over a summer, i know it depends on how much you play, but on average how much of a jump in playing ability do you think someone could make?
well i don't know your current skill level, but i'm aiming at learning how to sweep pick by the end of the summer, being able to do it somewhat good, not just saying look i can sweep!
focus on a few things that seem wuite difficult (yet achieveable) and worl towards those, i also want to have Metallica's Orion down pretty good by the end of the summer
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I've also made a commitment to myself. I've committed 6 hours a day to bass playing for the whole summer, I've been playing for a long time now, but i just really want to be able to read sheet music again, so i'm setting my mind to it. I bought a new book of sheet music from the rock band game and I have the cello suites by Bach, so I'm set for material.
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im going for being able to have good command of the major scale, be able to write my own riffs and melodies, and improve my speed by practicing with a metronome, im aiming for about 2 hours a day, which is what i have been able to do the past 2 weeks, but my friend came to visit this week so i have barely been able to play, and its finals week this week, but theres not reason why i cant continue, also i aim to learn a bunch of television songs.
I'm going for being able to play epic Dragonforce solos to melt my friends face off by the end of the summer.
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