I just got an e-mail from coast2coast mixtapes saying that they are interested in featuring on of my songs on there.I e-mailed them bak,but i was wondering if anyone knows about this company.I know it's hip-hop based,and my music is guitar instrumental based on hip-hop beats at times.I don't want to go through with anything yet,but i was wondering if someone could give me the dirt on them. yeah it is a guitar forum and people aren't into hip-hop,but i want to check the legitimacy of them.
tl;dr. They're gonna rape you. Perfect answer for everything.
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Don't Do It Man!

It's fraud.
If they just said they want to feature your song and they're not making you pay money for anything I don't see a problem.

Also, hip hop sucks.

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yes, trust EVERYTHING you get in emails, they are infallible
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any SERIOUS answers?I just wanna know what to do when they e-mail me back.My songs don't have copyright yet.But anyway i know they are a company that provides exposure.so it's worth a shot.
Not this guy again. This is the same guy who posted his Black Reign song 1000000000000000000000 times. Personally i think hes lying but if its right im sure they just wanna hear ur stuff first see if its good and then maybe sign you.
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I'd have more of a back and forth before sending your songs.

I hear you.The guy hasn't gotten back to me and it'll probably take awhile,but i got a bit excited because it 's always cool to get recognized in a small way.I mean i'm making all of this stuff on a zoommrs8 for godsakes and a drum box.
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the also sent me an email, but i play metal?
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ok i just found out what the deal is.It's one of those pay to get on things.Basically you buy 100 copies of the mixtape you are feautured on and have it in before the deadline may 10th (staurday at midnight)and they will get your selected track on there.Is this really worth it?or does it sound like a scam?
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Also, hip hop sucks.

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