Hi y'all. I'm 14 years of age and I'm looking to be a vocalist for a metal band in Australia. I am not a strong normal singer but I can do screamo from heavy metal to death metal.
I am also a guitarist that has very little experience, so please let me join the metal scene and I hope I can get into band.
it sucks cuz im starting a metal band and i dont got a singer, but im all the way here in America. w/e, good luck finding a band!
duduudee what state you in?

Please say Vic!
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yea man what state/city/suburb

cuz if u know ppl who are reasonably talented we could start something if ur newhere near me
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Okay cool... If you want an example of what music I play look on my profile. The cover of boneyards is really old and crap, but I have a new song that I wrote up and it's pretty good I reckon. I can play way faster and harder than that, I just didn't feel like it at the time I wrote it =]



Just me... EH.

Do you know anyone? lol. It sucks getting band members around here.
holy **** are you serious? I have a good friend who plays bass

dude email me or something.... but remember to put your UG name in it otherwise it will look like spam :P
Alright, do have any music that you did on your profile?

At the moment, I'm sticken with Demonology
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Dude forget demonology, im way better for your band

lolwut? please give us something to back up your ego...

Also, you're in US if I read your profile correct.

Anyway... If you have a guitarist and drummer, I have a friend as a bassist we just need to figure out the details so send me an email or something so we can get in contact better :P

Thats cool man!

I will e-mail you the details as soon as possible so we can start!
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Thats cool man!

I will e-mail you the details as soon as possible so we can start!

Cool! Woo... Finally getting a band on the way

Err... Don't think you are but are you by any chance Fatboy Fitzgerald? I've been getting emails from them but they seem random so I just delete them.
Hey man... you needa email me lol. I just got another vocalist who wants to be in a band so if you wanna be in you gotta email me sooN
Ok then, I will. I'm working on some Static - X covers so keep an eye out for them.
A 14 year old that can do death metal vocals? I call BS.

Sorry but at your age your vocal chords won't have developed enough for you to do DM vocals properly without seriously screwing up your voice.
You reckon? My voice is already wrecked from the practise and I think I've got it alright. If all else fails then I'll just do normal, my wrecked normal.
yeah I know lol.. it doesn't have your email on it so I couldn't reply >.<

anyway... the drummer I know says he wants to be in but his kit is from the 70s but some how has a double kicker, the bassist wakes up at like 3 every day and I don't have another guitarist >.<
You don't have my e-mail cause I e-mailed you with my phone! Lol sorry.

Thats cool as. So all we need is another guitarist and were set. That will be awesome. What songs on your main page are yours?
All of em except Bed Of Razors if it's still there... lol I don't think you got what I said correctly we basically don't have a band cos everyone can't get their asses into one place XD
Honestly I think you're better off looking for another band sorry man.

I have like no friends into metal so I'm just gonna wait til I'm 18 so I can respond to the adds in the newspaper lol.