i won 750$and i am going to buy a fuzz and a distortion pedal.
i already have a ZW-44 Overdrive. its great for classic rock and as a good sustainer in my dirrty channel, but i need a good distortion pedal for more sonic ridiculusnes (i dont know how to spell).

and fuzz, that sh*t's just plain fun.

so i have it down to siix choices (three each):
Fuzz: octavio, fuzz face, mxr blue box
dist: pro co rat, mxr Distortion +(or III), seymour duncan lava box.

any suggestions about any other pedals (Tremolo, Compressor, etc) i should add would be appreciated. i already have an overdrive, delay, phaser, wah, rotovibe, flanger and q-zone.
NO MAINSTREAM EFFECTS (Boss, Digitech, Electro Harmonix, etc)! I ALDREADY KNOW ABOUT THOSE (unless it has a really cool effect that it very quirky)!

thanks for the help.
tried 'em. they not only suck balls, but they suck yer tone as well.
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zvex effects?
those r mainstream and obscure, like the fuzz probe