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4 17%
20 83%
Voters: 24.
Well, our school offers both but AP is not available until Junior year. Which is more likely to get you into a harder college (given that you have the same GPA in both)?
what is IB?
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you will only get hald as many credits with IB since they are 2-year courses
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International Baccalaureate.

The IB program is recognized around the world. Generally, the IB program is the hardest it gets in high school. Colleges seeing that you did the IB program will almost instantly take you (if you passed, of course) here in Texas. I think some colleges are REQUIRED to take you down here also if you graduated under the IB with a certain GPA.
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i just finished IB... get AP... itll serve you better

unless you want to study abroad.. then yes... IB
IB is better, but the workload is unbearable, and often not worth it. I've said it before in a thread like this so here it is again:

Nobody's going to prefer an IB student with a 2.75 GPA over a regular student with a 3.75 GPA.

I had the option of going to IB this year but decided not to.

Remember, it's just high school.
I'm not sure there's an advantage to taking either one in terms of getting into college. However, with AP courses you have much more choice of courses than with taking the IB program. The IB is designed to give a great all-around education, but it doesn't have a ton of flexibility. I'd go AP.
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Good marks in AP is better than low marks in IB, I'd go with Ap.
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IB is only truly worthwhile if you intend to go overseas for college. If you plan on sticking around in the U.S., go for AP!

My high school started IB when I was like a junior... I took all the AP classes I wanted and don't regret it. Most people I knew who ended up doing IB felt like they made the wrong choice by the end. Plus, as I recall, IB practically dictates every single class you take through high school... you get no say, and will end up in some classes you probably won't like. Why go through all the extra hassle and extra work load? IB is just some glorified international program. AP classes are literally college classes offered to "advanced" high school students.
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IB is worth it if having no social life doesn't bother you.

that sums it up pretty well...
I was IB!!!!! and AP!!!!!!!!! Well they kinda intertwined. I made it through the IB, and now am currently attending the university of nowhere, but I am employed, making minimum wage. But yeah thats gonna change.
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