Here are two guitars I am interested in, for around the same price:

Schecter C-1 Blackout


I like the Schecter because i have played other guitars from this brand before and thought they were great. They also have blackout humbuckers, which are supposedly very nice. Then again the ESP has EMGs, and plus it is just so beautiful. The only problem is i have never played one. My style of music is mostly hard-er rock (think mark tremonti, zack wylde, etc.). What is your opinion?
The LTD hand down. I love Schecter guitars, but the EC-1000 is one of my all time favs. But if I can be honest, even though I own a guitar with an 81/60 set, the Blackouts are fantastic pups.
I'd take the ESP...If you were comparing the Hellraiser and the EC I'd say its a draw and play both to make the decision...the EC will likely have a thinner neck. I'd say play them both and go from there.
I like esp more as a brand... That said the only reason i'd pick the schecter is for the floyd but i doubt you'll need it ever.
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The Schecter is a more versatile guitar. If I was gonna spend $800 on a LP shape guitar I'd just get an Epi Elitist, or look for a used Gibson.

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The Schecter is a more versatile guitar. If I was gonna spend $800 on a LP shape guitar I'd just get an Epi Elitist, or look for a used Gibson.

the EC with SDs would be the most versatile choice TBH, but definatly try it before you buy
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I like ESP/LTD's more; So you know my vote.
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I would go for the Schecter if I were you. You've tried several Schecter guitars out, you know they have decent quality control and the neck dimensions are familiar to you.

On the other hand, you've never played the LTD and you don't know how it plays, you might hate the feel and neck size or other features about it.
the big question is do you want a floyd or not if you ever change tunings i say no floyd but if you just play in 1 tuning you may want the floyd
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I'd go for the LTD.
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I have the LTD. What a great guitar it is. Nice pickups. EMG 60 gives a warm, thick and clear sound that is good for clean and the 81 is the common pickup for lead sounds. Combined them together and messing around with the tone knob u can get a powerful rhythm sound.

I also find the neck comfortable. Thick enough to get the feel that ur holding something in ur hand and thin enough to play fast.

And the sustain is so loooooooong.
i have a hellraiser with blackouts and am currently looking at the ec as another purchase....blackouts are awesome...i personally like them a lot more than the emg's...also like everyone said...it comes down to whether or not you're going to use the floyd rose, i like having it there but i hate that i cant quickly tune down...hence my interest in the ec....only thing that bothers me is that the ec i want doesnt come with actives...so no battery cutout...but if i do decide to get one with the actives, i will definitely be changing the emg's out for blackouts....also i like the look of the ec's over the gibsons...
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Just look at my avatar and you will know which one I would go for.

Then again, I simply cannot stand Schecter necks. And IMO, Blackouts aren't all what they're cracked up to be. I still prefer EMGs. But if you want a guitar with a locking trem, look into the MH-1000 or M-1000.
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EC1000 defintaly
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i would say try them both out and see what you like. I have played the more expensive ESP version of that guitar and it is fantastic, but it also cost some hundred dollars more. Schecter makes quality guitars and i know i am going to be purchasing a hellraiser fr soon, but thats just me. Take the floyd rose into consideration because that can be a problem if you like to change tunings and play live shows...