Ok so I'm graduating from high school next month (sweet!) and I'm probably going to get somewhere between $300-$800. So I've been looking around at some stuff. Some guitars that looked cool, although I'm not entirely sure how they play, are the Fernandes revolvers, and the Ibanez RG's. I play a good mix of genres such as Surf, old punk, some metal (Danzig, White Zombie, and Type O Negative mainly), grunge, and instrumental metal like Yngwie and John 5. So I need a guitar that can handle being down-tuned to B standard, and can shred, yet still get a decent clean sound for surf, and other random stuff that I experiment with. Currently I play an Indiana electric guitar which is a cheap rip off of a Fender, and really plays bad... really bad. And I use a Line 6 Spider III 30 watt (After guitar, new amp), and an Ibanez Weeping demon. Hopefully that's enough info for some good suggestions. Oh, and no gibsons or epiphones, I'm not very fond of them for some reason.
RG's are pretty decent. you might also want to look into Schecter's i've heard really good things about them from some of my friends.
Ibanez are recommended quite often on this forum for versatility, especially the S series. Look into those.
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cant go wrong with schecters

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