Here is my latest creation. It's a yellow topped strat with a black back. Right now I'm in the process of finishing it up so that I can give it to its owner. This one is very close to perfect, this is probably my favorite so far. Anyway, I'll have this thing finished up in no time at all.

Mmm...I really like the grain on your wood Routed for just a normal strat block I assume?
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i have a question:

Ebony fretboard, no binding, fret tang nipped, what should the fret slot ends be filled with?

ebony dust and CA? wood glue?

thank you so very much please

i really like the yellow
looks sick. smart idea for painting. defffinitely going to have to do that.
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damn thats a great looking body... like a PRS and a Strat had an offspring.
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man thats tasty, what do you use to your tops like that ?
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man thats tasty, what do you use to your tops like that ?

I use analine dyes to dye my tops.