So i just got a new neck for my strat on ebay, its a 68 reissue neck. I was wondering if i could sand the decal off the headstock, because i wanted to use my own decal. My plan was to sand the decal off, apply the other one (its a waterslide) and just finish back over it. Does anyone foresee any problems with this, or have any other suggestions? Wondering because i obviously want it to look good, and i REALLY dont want to ruin this neck. :-P
and i was wondering, can you just flip the nut around, or do you have to get a left-handed nut? could i just take it out turn it around?
I'm interested in sanding the name off my headstock too. Did you create the custom decal yourself? If not, where did you get it made?
You need a left handed nut. The grooves in the nut are cut for the different thickness of string from top-bottom. If you flip it around, the bottom E string won't fit in the slot because it's cut for top E and the top E string will rattle in the bottom E string slot.

I also agree with crackereast. Probably best to sand off the decal completely and then do a clearcoat before applying it and clearcoating again. But it depends really, if you don't have to sand to bear wood to remove it then there's no point in doing that.
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Depends on the finish. If it's lacquer or nitro, this is a no-go. If it's poly, then fine.
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If you flip the nut the strings will want to pop out during heavy use. The bevel is the wrong way. And getting a left hand one is a real problem. Im a lefty and I always have to make one if I need a new one.