So my birthday is coming up in a little over a month and i am wanting to get a new pedal to mess around with and cant decide on anything. I already have a small stone phaser,d2-1,and crybaby 535Q wah pedal but want something that i would use alot and just cant think right now.( I play alot of classic rock but occasionaly play heavier **** such as pantera)I am thinking of a multi just to see what i like.so any suggestions of pedals in the 100-150 price range(already have a few other things in mind) would be super appreciated.
thanks, Devin
if u want a distortion pedal get a Fulltone ocd pedal. it sounds like a cranked marshall.
ill check the boss pedal out and for the distortion I dont really need one cause im gonna mod my ds-1 to get a little heavier tone out of it and just use my amps overdrive for classic rock
yeah, I read a lot of good things about boss's multi's. I'll probably get one too. Just, which boss multi are we talking about here?
I vote delay, boss dd3, marshall echohead, tc nova delay etc.

IMO its not worth investing in a multi if youve allready started building up a single pedal rig. Especially if youre planning on gigging.