Hey guys,

I am relatively new to recording everything at home, but I really want to try it.
I am in a band atm and none of my ideas are ever being realized, so if I want it done right, I gotta do it myself.

Question is, How?

Definitely want guitars to sound the best they can. I looked up a program/audio interface (a popular man by the name of Gustavo Guerra uses it on youtube) to record the music, it is called Guitar Rig 3. Any criticism on this 600$ piece of equipment? The quality of his videos are fantastic but I doubt I can contribute that solely to this product.

Nonetheless, it seems like a good start to me to get my guitars to the computer.

Next up, drums?
I know there are many drum machines out there, but I want the best.

In case you're asking, I am playing metal. But I don't want to limit myself to that, I want clean, I want at least a slightly versatile setup. I'm mostly into melodic metal such as Children of Bodom and Wintersun, and get into neo-classical such as Symphony X and Yngwie Malmsteen. I also like heavier metal such as Cannibal corpse, but lets not go there. XD

So any good drum machines you know of that are great for this genre would be nice.

Vocals, I know this is pretty straightforward, so I don't think I'll tread this path yet.

Right now my real life setup is a Marshall 1960A with a Peavey Valveking Head. Should I just mic this or something? I'm not really sure, I have no experience here.

Please, give me some guidance to the things I listed, but give me some advice as well, I know there are many of you in this community who are extremely knowledgeable about recording and I'd like you to pass a fraction of this knowledge on to me.

Thanks in advance.

P.S You must know budget, right? My budget I would say, well, I am making 8$ an hour working a considerable amount of time. I guess if it doesn't breach the 2000$ mark, I'm good.
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This looks fun. I'll try something.

Guitar Rig is good, I've heard solid stuff about it. If you're set on it, you might as well get the Kontrol version, which is $500 and includes an interface. However, you do have a sweet amp, and the Valveking is really stinkin' versatile, so record with that. It can do metal and clean stuff without a problem...to guarantee the former, get a distortion pedal. You may want to get the Radial JDX, a high quality direct box made specifically for guitar amp heads, to record with consistency if you're worried about microphones.
If workload is a concern for you, there are a few more boxes you may need to speed things up.
Also, a power attenuator could help you get tube rich tones without overwhelming microphones.
Also, it may not be a bad idea to build an isolation booth for your amp so that the sound is consistent.

Drum Machines...what kind do you want? And do you want it as an actual drum kit form or hip-hop drumming (with fingers)? Alesis's SR-16 is supposed to have good acoustic samples, which should work for metal (you can use distortion plugins later).

What you need, first and foremost, is recording software. Moody will undoubtedly suggest Reaper, though you may enjoy Ableton Live, which is ridiculously easy to use and is quite good at arranging samples. You can try the LE (light) version, which will be fine for the solo artist, and should you come to its limits (like 64 tracks) you can upgrade within your budget.
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thank you sooooooo much for the advice Fast_Fingers...i would hug you if i could...i looooove you!

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Recording Guitar Amps 101
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Yes a computer. I feel my computer is more than adequate in keeping with the immense amount of power recording sucks in.

Yea I planned on getting the Kontrol version. I know my amp is really versatile, I was just wondering if I would get a better quality miccing it or just miccing directly into the KONTROL audio interface.

I could maybe mic my 1960A cab, and then run that through the audio interface, I'm not sure how to approach it.

I guess once I get it I'll try experimenting.

Hip-Hop drumming with fingers? how do you drum with fingers? anywho, I want a solid drum set that is great for basically double bass footwork, blast beats, and simple drum rolls, I don't plan on reinventing the wheel in drums, I just want to include metal cliches. Because honestly, double bass and blast beats are what makes a song sound heavy.
There's no need for routing it through the Kontrol interface if you mike up your amp properly. Look at the JDX box if you are worried about miking an amp, though it isn't that difficult. A two track interface like the Mackie Onyx ($170) will more than likely be sufficient for you.

Drumming with fingers. I really don't know if any electric drum kits are able to handle double bass insanity, but within your budget the Alesis DM5Pro with Surge Cymbals is probably the closest you can get to the feel of acoustic drums (Roland's and Yamaha's offerings are all rubber). It's $900.
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thank you sooooooo much for the advice Fast_Fingers...i would hug you if i could...i looooove you!

True love exists in UG. Can you feel it?

Recording Guitar Amps 101
For Drumming you might want to look into something like Acoustica Beatcraft or another program of the likes.
No hardware this way you program with your mouse and sampled sounds within the program.
Works well for programing however I don't know if you will consider the sounds up to par. Of course I guess you could put more samples in for it to play?

Just another option that would be a bit cheaper. Look into it. There is a demo of Beatcraft available for free. http://www.acoustica.com/beatcraft/

Hope this helps
For drum program I would check out BFD and EzDrummer (Drum Kit From Hell), but you'll need recording software that can host VSTi's. But if you're budget is really $2000 then I wouldn't hesitate to snag a PreSonus FP10 (or larger interface) and mics for a full acoustic drum set. It will sound better in the end and probably be easier once things are setup properly.

For the guitar, I would suggest micing your VK with a couple of Shure SM57s. Check out this video for examples of the SM57s in a metal recording situation. Put a nice overdrive (not distortion pedal as mentioned above) in front of the VK for your high gain needs.

If you must have computer software for the guitar also check out Amplitube 2 and ReValver MKIII.

To be honest you could accomplish your goal for a lot less than $2000.

EDIT: I have cheapo electronic drumset (off eBay) and it handles double bass fine. Whether it's using a separate trigger pedal or using a standard double bass pedal.
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Thanks for all the comments
2000$ was the absolute maximum, I have no real intention of spending that much if I can help it.

I am positive I can learn how to drum for this, but the drum machine was mainly to accomplish my goal faster, getting an electric drum set was not what I had in mind, but come to think of it may be an awesome thing to do.

Thanks guys, you opened my mind to an options I had previously not been aware of.

Yea, I think I might Mic my 1960A cab, seeing as I already spent around 1500$for the 1960A + Valveking Head.

But if I mic it, I'm not really sure how to transfer that to the computer with quality sound.
Will I still have to run it through an audio interface or a mixer or what? please explain this please.

I'll check out all of the drum machines but I am very keen to getting an electric drumset and learning it, Its been something I have been wanting to do anyways.
I suggest staying away from the Alesis modules. They are glitchy and had me going crazy with just a week of use when I got into e-drums.
Roland modules are the only ones I will ever use...

As for e-drums, I dont like to suggest them on a tight budget because they cost quite a bit...
The Roland TD3 set could probably be had for around $1000...new which is half your budget right there.
I'm sure if you look around v-drums.com though you could get a good deal on a set.

As for double bass, just get a double bass pedal and hook it into the trigger tower for the roland kit. This is what mos people will do and you should have no problems with it.
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i've heard the alesis modules were glitchy as well. but i've also heard it can be fixed by getting an adapter with a few more volts to it.. (can't remember from what to what).. but only what i've read.. haven't actually tried it.

anyway, as a fellow one man metal band, the best advice i can give you is to try out some drum programs that are easy and intuitive. slaving over your own drums can suck the fun out of things pretty quick, and in the long run, kill your drive to record.

but the easier it is, you'll spend more energy on actually writing, instead of just "tweaking"

Quick edit:

i should also add that if you're just starting to learn drums now while you're in the middle of recording, it can be daunting. simply because its when you record, you'll figure out just how sloppy you really are when you go to play your tracks back.

(at least thats how i feel about my drumming.. being not that good at it, as well as being a bit of a perfectionist)
it is much easier to record your music with a drum machine if you're a beginner drummer..
also playing to a machine will tighten up your guitar playing as well, since a drum machine is the fanciest metronome you'll ever have.
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I guess I misunderstood the original post when it says the TS is "in a band atm". I had just assumed we already had an acoustic set and drummer ready to go. If that's not the I apologize.

To get the cab sound onto the computer. You'll need the mics run into the recording interface. From there your recording software will capture that sound.

Have a look at tweakheadz page, it's in moody's sig. That's got lots of useful info there.

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yea, I included the band so you could at least understand the reason behind this, my ideas for songs are not coming to fruition, so I have to do stuff myself.

I do however, appreciate the concern

Thanks for the information, I'll try looking at some drum machines first, I heard some really convincing ones during my research, so I'll definitely look into that.

I'll probably mic my amp to an audio interface, rather than spending the 600$ on the Guitar Rig 3 program/interface. So I think I pretty much have everything figured out.

Now to find out what programs/models to use.

Thanks again everyone!
You don't have to mic the amp.. you can just run it into some hardware that transfers it into USB.. Software i recommend is Acoustica Mixcraft if you don't have a Mac.
I don't think he can easily top the tone of his Valveking with modelling software though.
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I would invest in nice, high quality mic to make sure you get all of your tone exactly how you hear it.

Really all it seems like you need is:
1) Interface - prolly with 2 mic input and atleast 2 1/4 inch jacks
2) MIC - prolly 2 that way you can get some nice stereo sound. And if you ever decide to record two people singing or acoustic or whatever.
3) Elec. Drum Set/machine/program - just which ever way you feel like doing it.
4) Recording Program - pick one that will support vsti if you want to use the drum prog.
5) MIDI Keyboard - not really necessary but it will let you put in non-guitar/ non-drum sounds

After that you should be good.
I would check out www.tweakheadz.com
Make sure to look at the rig ideas he is throwin out there.

Good Luck