I'm going to see Rush Sunday night and I was wondering if anyone has seen them before and how are they live?
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Rush was amazing (saw them last September). They played all of my favorite songs off the new album and their old ones. Lasers, Solos, Geddy's abnormally high voice. It was a great experience.

Neil Peart does do a fat drum solo
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Saw em on their 30th anny tour. Be prepared to be ****ing amazed...
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Saw them in September would see them again in June but it's right in the middle of finals. Best concert i've ever seen hands down
I went last year, and I'm DEFINITELY going again this year. It was amaaazing.

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saw em last week. you will be completely floored if you know ANY Rush at all. it was simply amazing. best part is when neil does his solo, then alex does a solo, it gets dark real quick then alex busts out with spirit of the radio. kicked ass. lasers, lights, and no musical flaws at all. im jealous, i want to see them again
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I saw them in September, and I'm seeing them again in July

I suggest you wear a diper, because you, my friend, are going to wet yourself at how spectacular the show will be!!
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