i just watched a youtube vid. and noticed the slash wah had distortion built in it. is the distortion any good? and what are the good dunlop wah's. seems like alot of people have the dime wah and the zakk wylde wah. are those any good. i play classic rock and hard rock/metal.
i have the dime wah. pretty cool in my opinion, not worth that extra bit of cash though. it has an adjustable boost, so you can jump out when you use it. the wah's range is also adjustable, so some settings work clean, some work distorted
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My friend got a slash wah a couple of years ago, and it died within six months. He liked it while it worked though, as far as I know. I'd still recommend against it.
The classic was my favorite. I tried out the hendrix one (big disappointment imo), the slash one (bad distortion, also pointless), the 535Q (also good), and the original (very boring).

Just go to GC or some big store and try out a bunch.
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