I want a metal distortion pedal but I want to make sure I get something that has a fat low end but also isnt overly fuzzy. I like the sound of the Red Insane channell on the Line 6 spider III. I know the Spider sucks so dont bother but thats the low end w/ distortion clarity type thing I'm talking about. I have a Randall RG100 Amplifier and a Gibson Explorer with Blackouts.

I like my equipment so don't try and tell me to change any of it, and also I dont like tube amps. If you do have an amp in mind for me I'll hear it but again I dont like tube amps and I can't spend anymore than 600$


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Quote by IbanezPsycho
If i had to guess i would think because they have tubes in them lol

Haha, Yeah +1
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I dont like tube amps

I have a HK Warp Factor...This thing is br00tal...
The bad thing about it is that it only runs on ac power..no batteries.

I wanna tell you something you might not like though.
Your options will be limited. A tube amp can bring out
sounds in your accessories that you never knew existed.
I buy used pedals all the time and i have a box of stuff.
Some pedals that i thought i wasted money on have
now earned permanent spots on my board.
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