Hey I know I don't post here often anymore, but I wanted to share and promote the music of my band around with all of you. It's in spanish cause I'm mexican, so... sorry about that to those who don't speak spanish, but hey! give it a try you might end up wanting to learn a new language

here is our myspace site:
Dia de Muertos Myspace

We currently have our first demo up, it consists of three songs recorded by our friends Disidente, they are a local band who are getting pretty famous nowadays so it's pretty cool they did this.

Just for the sake of not misleading anyone or anything, even though I don't like to put a label on music (even less on my own music) It's pretty much for fans of Nirvana, alt. rock kind. But keep in mind 2 things: I won't compare myself to nirvana ever (cause we all know who they are and who I'm not) and don't be discouraged by the fact that I tell you this and give us a listen.

Have a listen, enjoy!
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