Hi, I've been looking for cheap ways to improve my sound and was wondering about...some stuff.

Ok, so right now I have a 15w practice "amp"...and...eh...need a better sound.<.<

I'm pretty much a punk/alternative/emo...w/ a little bit of metal in there occasionally...I'm a person who plays alot of FOB, MCR, P!atD etc...yeah yeah...I dun wanna hear about my musical tastes ok?...just need some recommendations.

uhh...I'm gonna put it too you straight...I'm poor.>_>...=P need inexpensive stuff.^_^

Now...as for improving my sound...would it be smarter(money wise) to invest in a good little distortion pedal and use that for now until I can upgrade to a bigger...eh..."box witha speaker in it"?

The cleans on my "amp" are ok...just...ok...not anything great...the overdrive is what I hate...>.<...very muddy stuff...bad.-_- So...if I were to get a pedal and run it through the clean channel...I'm thinking it would make a heck of a difference....although I acknowledge the fact that I will certainly need a new amp eventually.

I'ma gonna emphasize this again...=P...I don't have much $$$.

I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to pedals and haven't done much research...as far as amps go, I have been looking at the peavey valveking 112...but not sure because people keep saying that it is a classic rockish amp...which is not me.-_-...also been looking at the Randall RX75R...which is cheaper but supposedly...eh...worse in quality...idk.>_>...

I've gotten to try out the Peavey before and thought it was alright...but...something just seemed...eh...wrong?...the randall on the other hand doesn't appear on the Guitar Center website...and yes I have checked, they do not have them in the store.>_<

sorry for all those words up there^^.=P
ok... umm... eh... yeah pedal um... eh... sounds like what you need... although new amp is what you really need... so yah... umm... look at the Boss mt-2 or EHX metal muff... ok?... and the Valveking is a good in between amp, with a distortion pedal in front... of.. it to

lol sorry for being a dick

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A roland cube 15x might do the trick, its a good little amp, got noticable cleans and 4 different models of distortions, i'm sure their boss mostly, as boss is a roland company.
ok, thanks.

I'll look into those pedals. I'm much more inclined to buy a decent pedal right now, instead of blowing hundreds on an amp that I don't really need at the moment. The Roland seems a bit small, as I am a gigging musician. I barely get by on my 15w right now(yup, pretty small gigs=P), and the Roland doesn't seem like it would be much of an improvment(volume wise, I mean. I'm sure it has much better sound quality)

So yeah, anymore advice will be much appreciated; just try and keep in mind what type of sound I'm looking for.

EDIT: HA! no ...'s this time!^_^
Boss ODs/Distortions are bad sounding IMHO
How are you gigging with 15 watts! (thats terrible to hear)

What kind of music are you playing
How much total cash would you be able to spend

IT is always better to save up more for a better amp than an OD.
uhhh...basically, I'd like to find as cheap a solution as there is, provided that it's a good solution.

Like I said, reaaaaally small gigs...like 20 people.=P But in case we start playing larger crowds, I'd like to be able to handle it with some volume. For now, I fine with keeping my amp and salvaging what can be salvaged from it(mediocre cleans) and then putting a pedal through it. I don't need pro quality, but something decent that doesn't make me cringe every time I play.>_>

I play the same stuff that I played yesterday when I made this thread.