Hi all! I uploaded another mp3 on my profile from my last recordings, and I want to know your opinion about it! Me thinks the intro is good but the rest of it is average and bocomes boring I think.

But the think is, I want to hear what you think! You can find the song As the light grew on my profile. Again, no lyrics 'couse I cant sing.
that was sweet man, like simple but sounded amazing...had a nice mellow feel but also had a slight epic feeling to it ....in all honesty its my favorite song i've heard on UG in awhile and im usually not one for instrumentals

EDIT: and if you wanna crit one of mine i have one in my profile, the lemming song, in which i was kinda going for a similar feel as the song you have here...mine is far more underdeveloped b/c it was pretty much just improv and my playing isnt quite as good but whatver...i think it sounds cool lol
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