i was just wonderin if their is any way i can post an origional power tab so then maybe i can get a little feedback on what im writing,
Go ahead and make a thread and post it there.

There is an Original Recordings thread, under Riffs and Songwriting.

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thanks for the reply, but can i insert a powertab document so ppl with the software can just listen to it on the playback , or can i only insert the tabs?
I've seen others attach a zip file of a powertab.
Like in this thread:
[POWERTAB] vanity.
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Ok, I got a Power Tab question too.
When you want to open a new tab, you can see that in the left bottom corner that it specifies if a song has guitar, bass, and precussion parts. I guess my question is, how would you insert precussion into a Power Tab?
Is it possible?