im all new 2 bass but i have quite a big problem

i have a fender standard p-bass and i think the g string is stuffed

when ever i play anything below the 10th fret the sound comes out really wierd

like its a short and sssccccchhhhh sound

everything on the g string 10th fret and above the sound comes out fine

iv had the bass for about 2 months i think and when i first got it it never had this problem when i first got the bass i just recently realized this

is it the tuning or the string or something?

plz help
Sounds like the string action needs to be adjusted, resulting in fret buzz.
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Raise the action for that string.

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yeah, i have a p-bass too and you prob just have to readjust the bridge......you prob got a little allen key with the guitar and you need to use that to raise up you're G a bit.

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i dont mean 2 sound like a retard but whats the brige ur talking about and in what way do i adjust it?
wait i figured out what the bridge is and what 2 do but the allens wrench doesnt fit anywhere
nice job fixing it your self, its good to be hands on, but please dont double post, just edit

but yeah, congrats again on fixing and welcome to the bass forum from me

*Edit* now I feel bad, I can't tell a new boy what to do, I'm still a relatively new boy, o what the hell, what's the worst that can happen, a banning
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