you mean with the general public? there never really was....

you can be a mediocre guitar player, but if you can put lyrics to it you can make ten times what an instrumentalist can. case in point: dylan.
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Ask Joe Satriani and find out.

I actually had half a mind to call my local radio station and explain that they should bring it back. 20-30 years ago they played some instrumental stuff from time to time, but according to my dad, todays music is nothing like then obviously. I wish they would, would kill to hear some of Joe's stuff or Paul's on the radio.
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There is a market.

It's just smaller than you might hope for.

yeah and its getting smaller
less people care about the sort of music made with instruments these days
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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They play The Allman Brothers on *announcers voice* 98.1 The Max */announcer's voice*.

Move to Tipton/Shelby County and you can hear it from time to time.
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i love buckethead stuff, as much as i hate to say it, i only like satch purely becoz of his mindblowing skills, i think hes music isnt good, still respect him.
but no, there isnt much really

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I think there isn't much of a market. Like Joe Satriani, he is the guitarist's artists but doesn't really appeal to anyone else. I love satch though!!!
don't fret (seriously couldn't think of another word) about the current market. see how much advertising the artists do.
They'll still be used in movies / tv for ambient background music and what not. But people who listen to mainstream music won't listen and those who don't appreciate musical talent won't bother for them.

A lot of people listen to jazz though and that doesnt always have lyrics.